pfSense 2.4.3 发布,包含重要的安全修复补丁

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pfSense 2.4.3 已发布,本次更新包含重要的安全修复和 bug 修复,还引入了一些新特性,具体如下。



除了安全修复,pfSense 还包含重要的 bug 修复,如修复 pfSense PHP 模块的内存泄露问题,具体如下:

  • Fixed hangs due to Limiters and pfsync in High Availability configurations

  • Imported anetstatfix to improve performance and reduce CPU usage, especially on the Dashboard and ARM platforms

  • Fixed a memory leak in the pfSense PHP module

  • Fixed DHCPv6 lease display for entries that were not parsed properly from the lease database

  • Fixed issues on assign_interfaces.php with large numbers of interfaces

  • Fixed multiple issues that could result in an invalid ruleset being generated

  • Fixed multiple Captive Portal voucher synchronization issues with HA

  • Fixed issues with XMLRPC user account synchronization causing GUI inaccessibility on secondary HA nodes

  • … and many more!


  • Changed IPsec Phase 1 to allow selecting both IPv4 and IPv6 so the local side can allow inbound connections to either address family

  • Changed IPsec Phase 1 to allow configuration of multiple IKE encryption algorithms, key lengths, hashes, and DH groups

  • Changed SMTP notifications handling so they are batched, to avoid sending multiple e-mail messages in a short amount of time

  • Added options to RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS for server key algorithm and to change the source address used to send updates

  • Added VLAN priority tagging for DHCPv6 client requests

  • Hardware support for the new XG-7100 including C3000 SoC support, C3000 NIC support, and Marvell 88E6190 switch support (Factory installations only)

  • … and more!


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