Android Studio 3.1 RC 2 发布, Bug 修复

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Android Studio 3.1 RC 2 和 Android Studio 3.2 Canary 6 发布了。两个版本都主要修复了存在的 Bug,主要更新内容如下:

Android Studio 3.1 RC 2

  • Issue#73730693: Action search breaks when APK plugin disabled.

  • Issue#73450636: D8 desugaring fails with Espresso 3.0.2-alpha1

  • Issue#73183204: Can't build w/ 3.1 beta 1 or 2 - Could not get unknown property 'manifestFile' for task

  • Issue#73563032: Lint is detecting a "CheckResult" issue when using lambdas in Kotlin

  • Issue#73397414: "Run->Run App" quits right after Gradle (trying to) build without messages or launching app.

Android Studio 3.2 Canary 6

  • Issue#67035929: Wrong tips "super call" with Kotlin plugin.

  • Issue#73592522: Bug: preview still shown when closing layout editor

  • Issue#73857733: Lint flags REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES as "Only granted to system apps" even though it it required

  • Issue#73873828: False positive test with a misconfigured test layout xml

  • Issue#73747114: Incorrect warning for VisibleForTesting using kotlin's file scope



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