MariaDB 10.2.13 发布,多项更新

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MariaDB 10.2.12 发布了。MariaDB主要由开源社区在维护,采用 GPL 授权许可。 MariaDB 的目的是完全兼容 MySQL,包括 API 和命令行。

Notable Changes

  • InnoDB updated to 5.7.21

  • Galera wsrep library updated to 25.3.23

  • MDEV-13869 - MariaDB slow start

  • MDEV-14611 - ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION does not work properly when used with DATA DIRECTORY

  • MDEV-15249 - Crash in MVCC read after IMPORT TABLESPACE

  • Foreign key bugs:

    • MDEV-15199 - Referential integrity broken in ON DELETE CASCADE / MDEV-14222 Unnecessary 'cascade' memory allocation for every updated row

    • MDEV-15219 - FOREIGN KEY CASCADE or SET NULL operations will not resume after lock wait

    • MDEV-15042 - INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE produces error 1032 (Can't find record)

    • MDEV-13205 - InnoDB: Failing assertion: !dict_index_is_online_ddl(index) upon ALTER TABLE

  • MDEV-14958 - Merge new release of InnoDB MySQL 5.7.21 to 10.2

  • MDEV-15165 - InnoDB purge for index on virtual column is trying to access an incomplete record

  • MDEV-15143 - InnoDB: Rollback of trx with id 0 completed

  • MDEV-11415 - Remove excessive undo logging during ALTER TABLE…ALGORITHM=COPY

  • MDEV-15016 - multiple page cleaner threads use a lot of CPU

  • MDEV-14941 - Timeouts on persistent statistics tables caused by MDEV-14511

  • MDEV-14985 - innodb_undo_log_truncate may be blocked if transactions were recovered at startup

  • MDEV-14441 - InnoDB hangs when setting innodb_adaptive_hash_index=OFF during UPDATE

  • MDEV-14887 - On a 32-bit system, MariaDB 10.2 mishandles data file sizes exceeding 4GiB

  • Fedora 27 packages added

  • As per the MariaDB Deprecation Policy, this will be the last release of MariaDB 10.2 for Fedora 25

Security Fixes


For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.2.13 with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

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