CakePHP 3.5.4 发布,PHP 开发框架

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CakePHP 是一个运用了诸如 ActiveRecord、Association Data Mapping、Front Controller 和 MVC 等著名设计模式的快速开发框架。该项目主要目标是提供一个可以让各种层次的 PHP 开发人员快速地开发出健壮的 Web 应用,而又不失灵活性。

CakePHP 3.5.4 发布了, 这是3.5分支的维护版本,用于修复几个社区报告的错误。


  • Logging email payloads now succeeds even when the transport returns string data.

  • Element cache settings are now cached in memory saving repeat cached elements in the same request.

  • All tests are now passing against PHP 7.2.0-RC1

  • Database FloatType now correctly parses locale data that use as the thousands separator.

  • Text::slug() correctly cleans strings when the preserve option is used.

  • Credit card pattern for JCB card types now accepts all current JCB card types.

  • CakePHP uses chained exceptions where possible now, allowing root causes of failures to be exposed by the error handler in future releases.

  • Validation::url() now accepts 4 byte unicode characters.

  • SQLServer column length values are always integers now.

  • UrlHelper no longer uses error suppression when adding file timestamps.

  • TreeBehavior node deletion now correctly handles multiple trees in the same table. Previously all trees would have nodes deleted from them.


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